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Suicide Earth

Interviews With The Most Relevant Authors On Earth

This project is called Suicide Earth because that is what the Anthropocene Era is turning out to be. Human-caused destruction of Nature continues despite everyone now understanding that's what humankind is doing. It's Murder/Suicide since we're killing so much flora and fauna along with ourselves.
Below you will find an eclectic collection of interviews with authors who, whether through fiction or factual arguments, have been trying to open our eyes.

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"You're doing one of the most important things in the world... we have a big communication problem, and you're helping to solve it."

"What it means to be human is placing yourself in the context of landscape & habitat & other species. It's the last chance we have, really, to understand what it means to be a human being."

"As with you and this show, (doing this book) made me feel like I was doing something about the problem."

"It is humans who are contributing to this. I've been trying for 20 plus years to get a lot of my fellow meterologists on board with this thinking."

"I have serious doubts that we will be able to maintain a democratic nation under the kind of stress that climate change is going to impose on us."

"Most youth climate activists feel positively about anyone who's trying to solve climate change seriously."

"Hence really the whole basis of your program, this is the story of our lifetime and every lifetime going forward now."

"We keep having to ask ourselves is this inevitable, the path we are on... are we headed toward a kind of suicide, or Suicide Earth as you say, or is there another path."

"It's almost a literal interpretation of your Suicide Earth concept. We are damaging the very thing that comprises ourselves."

"The evidence that I'm talking about is positive trends that are moving in ways we need things to go, and yet we hear very little about them."

"Climate change is now part of the fabric of our reality. It's inescapable. I'm impressed by all the interviews & the work that you're doing on these things."

"You opened our conversation by talking about what we're witnessing... the increase in both intensity & frequency of climate disasters is staggering. We did not think things were going to be moving this fast."